Friday, August 21, 2009

Contemporary Mexican design, and tropical fruit

Recent cold summer weather in San Francisco made me long for the beach and the casual, relaxed pace of Mexican coastside towns. These photos from Dupuis, a contemporary Mexican design firm illustrate an ideal spot for a perfect Summer vacation!

These two homes, Villa Tortuga and Villa Ceiba have wonderful living spaces that are open to the outdoors. The feeling is luxurious, clean, spacious and incredibly inviting.

I also noticed that the Dupuis designers incorporated tropical fruit into all living spaces of these amazing villas. Not too long ago I shared one of my favorite recipes for plaintains, and some memories of my grandfather's banana plantation in Chiapas. The airy comedor at Villa Ceiba remined me of my mother's description of her childhood home. The space is decorated with hanging bunches of green bananas, and more bananas are displayed in wooden trays reminescent of rustic bateas, or large containers generally used for washing and storage. I think my grandparents would have felt right at home at Villa Ceiba.

Villa Torguga's comedor is decorated in a coconut theme. The massive table and painting keep with the scale of the space and crate a grand, yet relaxed feeling. Displaying plastic grapes would not feel quite appropriate. I really like how the folks at Dupuis took something that could be considered extremely trite (fruit in Mexican design) and came up with something fresh and original.

Recently I also posted about the subliminal power of displaying fruit. Go on, place some apples by your bedstand, some limes in your bathroom and some pineapples on your dining room table. Even if we don't have grand beach homes, we can visually enjoy the bounty of the farmer's market before eating it...while we long for warm weather!

Visit Dupuis for more contemporary Mexican design ideas.

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