Monday, January 26, 2009

Lucky pomelos...inviting health and prosperity

Yesterday at the Civic Center farmer's market I saw a woman selling these big, wonderful pomelos! When a gentleman picked one up by the stem the seller quickly asked him to hold the fruit from the bottom, as she demonstrates in the picture. I asked why and she said these fruits are associated with good luck, and people need their pomelos with leaves and stems undisturbed. According to wikipedia's page on Chinese New Year, the tradition of bathing with pomelo leaves assures prosperity in the upcoming year.

Personally, I think that a big healthy pomelo with leaves looks nicer than one without them. Displaying a simple bowl of any fruit is a subliminal symbol of abundance and welcoming health. I know I have something to eat and enjoy for the week....and having fruit is a lot healthier than having other snacks in the house. What about you? What items do you keep around, and what are their meanings? What are you inviting in, as you arrange your personal space this year?

Oh yeah...Happy year of the ox!

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