Saturday, August 8, 2009

Para Mi Amante: Strawberry Infused Tequila

I made this bottle of strawberry infused tequila as a gift for my boyfriend on his birthday. This beverage traditionally known as Por Mi Amante* can be made with a variety of fruits, but strawberries are a favorite since they give the tequila a nice pink color and a delicate flavor. A similar drink called PiƱa Borracha can be made using very ripe pineapple. To make this gift you'll need the following materials and ingredients:

  • One small bottle of silver tequila (about one pint)
  • One cup of ripe, sliced strawberries
  • Fabric of your choice (here I'm using a piece of leather)
  • Black raffia, or ribbon
  • Self stick label
  • Rubber stamps

Empty the tequila in a clean, desinfected mason's jar together with the strawberries and refrigerate for up to three weeks. Clean the tequila bottle and save for later. Putting the bottle inside the dishwashing machine will help you remove the labels. When you are ready to present your gift strain the tequila and discard the strawberries. Using a funnel pour the tequila inside the original bottle with a few fresh strawberry slivers. Decorate the bottle with the fabric and create a new label as desired.

*In 1939, Charles H. Baker, Jr. misspelled the name of this beverage as Por mi amante in his book "The Gentleman's Companion", and it stuck since then. My hand made label uses the correct Spanish grammar to spell "For my lover" using para (for) as opposed to por (because of). Then again, who knows? Maybe Mr. Baker had a lover that drove him to drink....and he really meant to say "Because of my lover". Of course, you can decorate your label as you wish! I used red self-adhesive labels available at Paper Source and rubber stamps.

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