Thursday, June 18, 2009

Inspiration Board: Gothic Mexican Wedding

I used to sell my original Day of the Dead bride and groom figurines on E-bay. Several folks told me that they used my figurines as toppers for their wedding cakes. I was incredibly flattered, having my art be a part of someone's special day. Hoping to colaborate with wedding planners and other artists I came up with this inspiration board. Many designers use these boards to help their customers choose a color scheme and a theme for their wedding.

The concept:
The inspiration for this board came from bull fights, the Day of the Dead holiday and embroidery. The colors are basic black and white and fuchsia (or "Rosa Mexicano" as we call it in Mexico). The feeling is slightly Gothic, but modern. I wanted to avoid the obvious chili peppers, maracas and colors usually associated with a Mexican theme wedding. Here's more information about the items, from right to left:

Clothing and accesories:
Bolero Jacket. The amazing southern gothic designs from Bayou Salvage are made with recycled, reclaimed and vintage materials. If you happen to travel to New Orleans make sure to visit them...or shop on-line at Etsy. The concept is southern gothic, but I think a senorita would feel right at home wearing one of their lacy bolero jackets. Guayaberas. Traditional Guayaberas are light weight shirts for men, they come in a variety of designs. The ones pictured in black and white are gorgeously embroidered, you can get them from Caracteristico. The pink and onyx earrings are from Bryan Johnson Creations. The Wedding Lasso is traditional in many Mexican weddings, it symbolizes the couple's new life together. In my board I included a double fresh Jasmine lei from , instead of a more commonly used rosary shaped lasso.

The Cake
The beautiful black and white "brushed embroidery" cake is from The Butter Cream Studio in the San Francisco area. The realistic fuchsia anemone flowers are edible. Tracy, the owner and head baker is truly a cake artist!

The Cake Topper
The inspiration for this post: this topper is very detailed, but no taller than 3.5 inches tall. The bride and groom are cast together, they are carefully painted and decorated with tulle netting. Please contact me directly if you are interested in one, I can customize the colors of the figurine so it matches your wedding colors.

The Venue:
I wanted to keep the feeling of the board light and contemporary. An event like this could be held at a museum, art gallery or a hotel. The image in the inspiration board is from Habita Hotel in Monterrey, Mexico. Habita is a slick, modern hotel decorated in a clean and simple black and white palette.

The fuchsia anemones and eggplant mini calla lily bouquet comes from Ambience Floral Design, in Sacramento.

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