Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holy Mole

If you are wondering about the name of the blog: I'm not talking about images of the Virgen de Guadalupe appearing on tortillas. This blog is mostly about things that I find inspiring as an artist, and about finding inspiration in unusual places.

Things that inspire me are like food for my creative soul. Just like food, I seem to crave them. For example, growing up in Mexico I remember being almost overfed with color. You could find stunning color on markets, folk art, comic books or street advertising. Some times I would feel starved for color. I would open and savored a new package of crayons, in the same way other kids craved candy.

What inspires you? Have you ever had a craving for something warm, gooey, saucy or spicy? Doesn't it feel like the flavor slaps your taste buds and wakes them up (making your jaw almost hurt)? Does perspiration starts to build on your forehead? Are you having a religious experience? I do get a rush when I explore a new art medium or by cooking a plate of chilaquiles or by visiting an art exhibit. Like an enchilada, art can either make you sweat, or it can nourish you...or even make you sick. The best thing is that it creates a reaction that makes you feel alive.

Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy the tasty morsels! ;-)

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