Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy inauguration...Saint Barack Obama?

These are images from a window display at Trunk, on Haight street. They feature novenaria candles with Barack Obama in the guise of Saint Martin de Porres! Let's look at some differences and similarities between our new president and San Martin de Porres:

San Martin:
He was the first saint of color in the Americas.

First president of color of the US.

San Martin:
Other friars would call him "brother broom" since he was in charge of sweeping, cooking and household chores. He is often depicted carrying a broom as a reminder that all work can be sacred.

He may need a broom to clean up some of the messes on Capitol Hill.

Saint Martin: Like Saint Francis, he could also speak with animals. According to lore, he inspired such a sense of peace and well being that he could even make a mouse, a dog and a cat eat dinner from the same plate.

Bi-partisan efforts may be more challenging that having cats and dogs not kill each other.

Saint Martin:
He was attributed some strange miracles, like walking trough locked doors to cure the ill, feeding hundreds of people when resources were scarse, and even teleporting to far away places to relieve the unconsolable.

He doesn't teleport, but insists on using a blackberry. Hey may also need to perform miracles with the tasks he has ahead. Lighting one of these candles on inauguration day couldn't hurt.

I leave you with more images of San Martin. The first one I took at Mission Dolores in San Francisco, during a particularly inspiring weekend. The second one is from pop artists Pierre et Gilles.

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