Sunday, May 31, 2009

Through the desert, in a house with no name...

Known for her photography featured in VOGUE magazine, Deborah Turbeville's book Casa No Name features images of her home in San Miguel De Allende.

Much like an impressionistic painting, Turbeville's lens captures a sense of light and emotion. Her photos are soft and diffused, at times fuzzy and blurry. The book conveys a sense of history and nostalgia, evoking dusty curtains, candle light, old saints and water damage. Very far away are the happy bright colors of a Mexican sarape.

This book called to mind my own fuzzy memories of my relatives' homes in Chiapas, and very much like "Casa No Name", the combination of my own unconscious memories and ghost stories evoked images of a Mexico that never existed.

I found this book to be a nice departure from other publications that stick with the stereotypical "Casa Turismo" approach to Mexican interiors and style. Go here if you want to learn more about "Casa No Name".

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