Friday, April 24, 2009

Textile design repeats

For several years I've been keeping visual journals. Even if they are just small notebooks or formal bound books, journals have been useful for jotting down ideas, color combinations or just doodles. Using these doodles as inspiration I've begun to design fabric patterns!

An interesting challenge I've encounter while designing fabric is the need to create designs that will look good in repeat, so the material can be printed in a continuous flow without any apparent breaks in the design. The image above is from a design that follows square schematics, a simple composition I called "Mi Pueblito" (my little town). Here is the same design in a simple square repeat:

Neat, hu? It is looking more like a city! Other more complex repeats can be achieved by mirrowing the image (placing it upside down) or following a half-drop pattern or a brick-like pattern. I would love to create more interesting non-symmetrical designs once I understand this repeat concept better. I am really excited at the possibilities of making my sketches into something functional. Stay tuned!

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