Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More on square schematics and boxy houses

Below are some images from Casa Barragan, the former home of architect Luis Barragan in Mexico City. It is now a museum and UNESCO heritage site.

The way Barragan used light gave his home an airy and contemporary feeling. After more than 60 years the house looks like it could have been built yesterday, yet the house dates back to 1947.

Barragan took the "essence" of Mexican architecture (Mesoamerican temples, haciendas, thick adobe walls) and condensed it into a simple design where squares are a reccuring element.

Barragan's use of color and the relationship with the outdoors is dramatic. The following image reminds me of paintings by Rufino Tamayo (also pictured below: "La Gran Galaxia"). Tamayo used to say that his roots and colors were Mexican, but his concept was universal. Maybe the same proves true for Barragan's designs...

The concept of "sacred geometry" and other philosophical elements also play a part in Barragan's designs, making them modern but also warm and inviting. I find this house very inspiring...I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Click here if you want to learn more about Luis Barragan

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