Monday, February 2, 2009

Hearts, candy and the color red...

The first two images are from Jaime Hayon's Crystal Candy set, created for Baccarat (as seen at Yatzer). These crystal pieces do remind me of candy! The red crystal topped with white ceramic on the right looks like a combination of a heart, a hand grenade and a pomegranate. The second image is from a papier mache box that I created using newspaper, cardboard and acrylic paint.

A very philosophical fellow artist once told me that every day has its own color (cada dia tiene su color). It means that we should savor the unique differences of each day that passes by. But what about months? Do they have their own unique "shade"? With so many Valentine's day merchandise like roses, hearts and ribbons, red may as well be this month's color. And what color has more emotional connotations? Here's some curious musings about red:

Urban legends claim that more red cars get speeding tickets. Snopes debunks this myth here.

In China, red is considered a lucky color.

Bull fighters tease the bull with red capes.

To be "in the red" means you are loosing money.

Santa, as well as Satan and high ranking religious persons (like Cardinals and the Pope) are often depicted in red.

Red was associated with Communism.

In Santeria, red is associated with the Orisha Chango, the deity of thunder, war and fire.

In several countries red means "stop" or "caution".

James Dean wore a red windbreaker in the movie "Rebel without a cause". Can you imagine if he had worn, say, a powder blue jacket?

A burial site in Palenque, Chiapas, was discovered generously sprinkled with a pigment known as cinnabar, giving the bones of the mysterious woman buried there a bright red color. This picture of the so called "Red Queen" comes from Diario Yucatan

So, enjoy the color red this (or any other) month. Happy February!

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