Friday, February 13, 2009

Bird nest at Civic Center...

I was walking to the farmer's market when I had the pleasure of watching artist Patrick Dougherty and an assistant working high on a scaffolding. He was making one of his signature twig sculptures on the trees in front of Civic Center. Looks to me like they were weaving and arranging twigs in order to create the sculptures using no special tools, just their bare hands!

Doesn't it look like a cute dwelling out of an Ewok village? (OK, I'm a nerd for not coming up with a better comparison). I asked the artist how many pods/nests he was going to make. He said that he could make several. So far he had one and was working on another. What I like about this type of installation is that the artist uses readily available natural materials (look at all the twigs available - he could make a whole Ewok city!) so it is a really "green" way of creating.

The final piece blends in and looks like it belongs to the trees on site. I can't wait to go back this weekend and look at the progress. Please visit Mr. Dougherty's website, and see more of his amazing work.

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