Thursday, February 17, 2011

Now on Sale! Heart Charms - Milagro Fabric

I am pleased to inform that a small selection of my fabrics can now be purchased online at SpoonFlower! This heart fabric is called "Milagro". Milagros literally means "miracles". They are metal charms traditionally pinned to a saint's robes. Milagros come in many shapes, and are used as tokens of devotion, or as thanks for miracles performed. I think this fabric is perfect for February, the month when we celebrate love and friendship.

Fabrics at SpoonFlower are processed digitally. I am still trying to adjust the color way - the sample I got shows up more orange than red, yet I think it looks very nice against the cobalt blue background. Other fabrics for sale are my mermaid and merman fabrics, and a kid's print called "Kids with Scarves". Please take a look at my online store at SpoonFlower.


  1. i love this. can you tell me more about this image?

  2. Hi Kendra

    The image was inspired by a milagro charm I got in Taxco, Mexico. Heart milagros usually have different symbolic meanings, part of a visual language that goes back to the Middle Ages:

    Heart with flames, thorns, three nails: Symbolism related to Jesus Christ

    Heart with Roses: Attributed to the Virgin Mary

    Heart with seven swords: Symbolism related to the Mater Dolorosa, the seven sorrows of Mary.

    Heart with a dagger, or arrow: Heart milagros that appear broken are tokens of gratitude (or petitions) for favors related to relationship troubles, or cardiac ailments.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!