Monday, March 22, 2010

Mayo Crowns of Flowers

Sorry it is taking me so long to post, I'm having technical difficulties. Enjoy this beautiful series of children wearing crowns of flowers. It comes via Flickr, thanks to the gracious Memo Vasquez. They show a Mayo Easter celebration. The Mayo is an indigenous group of Northern Sinaloa an Southern Sonora, Mexico.

According to the potographer the children are referred as Marias and Joses, or simply "Promeseros", all participants of the feast are referred as promise keepers. On Easter Friday children light up candles and look over the grown up's prayers.

According to Memo: "On the feast of resurrection (children) have a job. They sing the "Gloria" and throw flower petals, like confetti, up in the air. At noon, once they have ran out of petals, they take off the crowns at thow them up in the air as well, with great joy. Life continues". Happy Spring, everyone!

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