Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inspiration: Fruit Display at Bazaar Sabado

The picture above comes from a 1970's magazine. It is a photo of "Fonda San Angel", at the courtyard at Bazaar Sabado in Mexico City. This craft market is located in an old colonial building, in the neighborhood of San Angel, where I grew up. It is one of my favorite places in Mexico City!

The folks at Fonda San Angel have been creating elaborate fruit displays on their fountain for more than 20 years. Much like the fish fountain at Harrod's in London, the displays are ever changing - they never look the same. Here is another photo from flickr member Carlitos

Inspired by my memories of this fountain, I recently changed the look of my blog and added a header. I used fruits, vegetables and folk art for my display. I hope you like it!

If you are planning a trip to Mexico City, check out the website for Fonda San Angel and Bazaar de Sabado. It has information on the Bazaar, the restaurant, conventions and the historic town of San Angel.


  1. The 1970's photo is amazing, as is your header! I love the fruit arrangement you made- you are awesome!

  2. I never seen such a giant display of fruits.

    I like the header, it really got my attention. Especially with the little yellow golden fruits surrounding the pineapple. Are they loquats?

  3. Hi thanks for the comments. Cambree - they are tejocotes! They are awesome little apples, they smell like candy and roses. I make a punch with them here: